CFL X-Y Laser Cutter

X-Y Laser Systems

X-Y systems are the answer when you need to cut in a wide variety of sizes and patterns. These systems can cut nearly any design that you can define in a CAD or illustration program.

Orca's X-Y systems are available with a wide range of sizes and material feed capabilities. Standard sizes are 50 or 60 by 50 inches. Other sizes are readily available on a custom basis.

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PC Laser Pattern Cutter

Pattern Cutter Systems

Orca's Pattern Cutter product family integrates galvanometer technology with large-area either flatbed or roll-roll material handling to yield fast, flexible cutting of repetitive patterns, such as perforations.

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Laser Marking System

Marking and Etching Systems

Orca integrates galvanometer technology with special parts handling and software to provide high-throughput marking and etching operations at a reasonable cost

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